Electricity: DC and Low Frequency


The accurate measurement of electrical quantities is essential in most industrial, economic and scientific fields. Be it temperature, acceleration, strain, displacement or proximity, the final step of a physical measurement will almost invariably take the form of the measurement of an electrical quantity (current, voltage, resistance…).

The laboratory DC and Low Frequency ensures the traceability of all measurements of electrical quantities to the SI units. The physical realizations of the volt and the ohm, via the Josephson and Quantum Hall effects respectively, are available in the laboratory. These fundamentally accurate primary standards are then transferred to the working standards through high quality instrumentation, often developed in-house. This allows us to offer a wide range of calibration services and has established the reputation of the laboratory as a top service provider, for instance, in the measurement of resistance or current over many orders of magnitude.

The laboratory is actively involved in new developments, both in industrial and more academic settings. We strive to be a reliable and effective partner, with evolving measurements capabilities, in step with the needs of our customers. 


We offer electrical calibration services of the highest accuracy but also consulting in measurement techniques for the industry as well as metrology courses.


With their considerable scope, our calibration services ensure that your electrical measurement equipment is traceable to the national realizations of the electrical SI units.
Our calibration certificates are recognized internationally. For this purpose, we operate a quality assurance system in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025-2005.


If you have any questions concerning our services or need advice, we will be pleased to help. Contact us without obligation.


Summary of the current course programme.

Research and development

Research and development projects are a core component of our activities and the main vehicle for improving our services.

Innosuisse projects

As a research partner of Innosuisse (Swiss Innovation Agency), we cooperate in Innosuisse projects. We are interested to collaborate with industry in the field of electrical measurements.

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