Fingerprints in figures

Number of hits in AFIS

The positive identification of a fingerprint in the AFIS database is called a ‘match’ or ‘hit’. A hit occurs when two prints stored in the database are proven to come from the same source. Fingerprint comparison can help to prove a person’s guilt or exonerate a suspect from a crime, provided that the fingerprints are of a good quality, the fingerprint experts are competent, and efficient processes and technologies are used.

Number of hits in 2023:    
Identification of individuals with a fast print submission (FPS): 85 000  
Identification of individuals with a common print submission (CPS; ten finger prints,
lower palm and writer’s palm prints):
43 626  
Latent identification: 4 309  

AFIS stores two-finger datasets, ten-finger datasets, datasets of the ball of the thumb and the side of the hands, and traces. As of 31 December 2022, the AFIS database contained the following volume of data:

  • FPS (Fast Print Submission):
180 521  
  • CPS (Common Print Submission; ten finger prints, sometimes with lower palm and writer’s palm prints):
1 040 687  
  • Latents:
140 246  

To find out whether your fingerprints are stored in the AFIS database you can send a written inquiry to fedpol, stating your particulars and accompanied by a photocopy of your passport or identity card.

Last modification 02.05.2024

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