The Federal Commission on Migration FCM

  • is an extra-parliamentary commission with 30 members.
  • advises the Federal Council and the public administration on questions of migration.
  • supports projects to promote social cohesion.
  • publishes studies and recommendations on migration policy and also the journal «terra cognita».

The FCM consists of 30 experts from the field of migration, who are elected by the Federal Council and determine the commission‘s positions. Walter Leimgruber, head of the Institute for Cultural Anthropology and European Ethnology at the University of Basel, has been president of the commission since January 2012. The vice-presidents are Elham Manea and Etienne Piguet. The FCM is supported by a secretariat which is managed by Simone Prodolliet.

The FCM is mandated by law to address social, economic, cultural, political, demographic and legal issues that arise from the residence of foreign nationals in Switzerland. The subject areas covered range from refugee protection and economic migration to social cohesion and transnational issues.